Piet Dieleman Atelier

Gerhard Hofland is proud to present Hallucinogenic, a group show curated by Koen Delaere. This exhibition will take place in two locations: at the gallery and at the brand new art space Project Space On The Inside. This show will mark the first exhibition in this new space.

The group show Koen Delaere curated has been loosely based on an idea that was coined by Marshall McLuhan. Talking about the poetry of Ezra Pound, McLuhan comes up with a notion he calls ‘juxtaposition without copula’. He asks the question ‘who speaks this poem?’, meaning there can be different voices in one sentence speaking at the same time. So which voice is talking to you while reading it?

When you translate this to painting, different forces can be simultaneously active on a single canvas. The painting is a field of force without official syntax, resistant to translation. Delaere likes this idea and finds it useful in his practice. A painting has several things going on at the same time. According to Ezra Pound such a juxtaposition, situating two or more things side by side, will establish relationships, which he calls images. In my opinion these relationships become incredibly tight, combining the dimensional with the real, the everyday with here and now, and the physical space (performance) with the relational space (picture).

The artists:
Erin Lawlor
Henning Strassburger
Philipp Kremer
Janine van Oene
Piet Dieleman
Max Frintrop
Arthur Löwen
Koen Delaere
And others.

Project Space On The Inside
TT. Melaniaweg 1
1033 ST Amsterdam

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