Piet Dieleman Atelier

Schermafbeelding 2013-05-18 om 11.28.30

…………………..I think the people found it very exciting that we had a project like that which had to be done in another way since an artist had been involved. I think this has been received with very much enthusiasm. Of course it’s nice to say that, but what does it mean at the end of a day when you say that you want to change. I have been thinking about, but I don’t really have the answer. The only thing I can say is that we have to continue to try. Between Piet Dieleman and my-self it was a coincidence, it was not a planned working process, it just happened. It was a very good experience and a wonderful project. But what does it mean for my own Company? The idea of art is a very difficult one for us. We always work for a client who has his own demands. There is a possibility for art in specific situations, in projects where it fits. The question is if creativity must always lead to a piece of art o architecture. Can it also lead to a very efficient solution which is even not visible? But if that is a competence architects or artists have and if this competence can be translated in a industrial process which goes over the imagination of our own people, it can have a very strong effect.


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